How To Lead An Intentional Life

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I found this TEDxYale TED Talk
from Bullet Journal creator
Ryder Carroll completely
by accident, but it couldn’t
have come at a more perfect time.

With a full time job, a business,
a boyfriend, and a personal life,
it can be difficult to get
all of the things I need
and/or want to accomplish
in a single day.

That’s why it’s so important to
lead an intentional life,
not just a busy one.

Being busy does not
necessarily mean you’re
being productive.

That’s why I wanted to
share not only my take
on his TED talk, but also
the original YouTube TEDxYale.

[This is a placeholder for my video - to be uploaded soon]

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My Personal Notes:

ADD – not that couldn’t focus, just focused on too many things at the same time
Ryder Carroll – Creator of the bullet journal!


it all begins with reflection:
“What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.” – Madeleine K Albright

some say we have over 500,000 thoughts per day

focusing on a lot as an adult isn’t considered ADD, it’s known as being busy … but that doesn’t mean you’re being productive (in a state of being functionally overwhelmed due to amount of choices)

freedom of choice is a privilege that comes with a cost – because with every choice we have to make a decision, which requires a focus (which requires our energy and our time)

decision fatigue is a real condition that can lead to decision avoidance – rather than dealing with these thoughts, we start stuffing them in the back of our brain until no room to think clearly (anxiety and stress – feel like losing control)

you have to expel your thoughts to clear your mind – create mental inventory (a map that we need to keep updated as time goes on, since we change and discover new things)

1 – need to do
2 – should be doing
3 – want to do

For each item, ask (1) is it vital? (2) does it matter ot you or someone you love?

holding thoughts is like trying to grasp water – need to capture them clearly to work with them later

IDEATION: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris

Key to setting goals it to set yourself up for success! Take goals and break them down into small actionable projects


natural curiosity is incredibly important – it’s genuine

small projects allow us to cultivate and grow ourselves, passions, and what we want

1 – no barriers to entry; can start right away
2 – clearly defined tasks
3 – less than a month to complete

Goal is to indulge your curiosity and see if it fits – don’t waste time!

It’s up to us to find time to find things that interest us and persue them because project and project, goal after goal we will learn what we want. Takes time & dedication



these practices will help you close the gap from leading a distracted life, to a life of intention

REFLECT: declutter your mind by creating a mental inventory. Get rid of the things that don’t matter

IDEATE: focus on things that interest you by designing small actionable projects

DEDICATE: get into a daily habit of updating your mental inventory

RID yourself of the things that don’t matter so you can focus on the things that do

Will help you change from leading a busy life to an intentional life – the one you want to live, not the one you endure. It has the power to grant you more beautiful moments in the sun.

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